Searching for Positive Deviants Among Cultivators of Rainfed Crops in Niger

Are farmers of this plot particularly successful in growing rainfed crops?
© PromAP / Eco-consult: Hama Bouka.
The southern Sahelian region of Niger with Voronoi polygons, around 12,093 communities.
Above: Hauswirth et al. (2020) classified the agricultural zones based on preceding work by SPN2A (2020).
Below: Communities were grouped according to these agricultural zones (areas in different colors).
Potential positively deviant communities (red) in southern Niger.
Potential positively deviant community (red) with SAVI values in green.
The riverbed and the characteristics of the plots hint at small-scale irrigated agriculture. We did not consider this potential positively deviant community for further analysis.
The plots in this positively deviant community might indicate rainfed agriculture.



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